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Five Reasons Why Giclee Is Better


5 Reasons Why Giclee Canvas Printing is Better than Regular Canvas Printing

"Giclee canvas" is a trademarked term that we use to describe the process of printing artwork directly onto a fine art canvas. You can think of a giclee canvas print as a high-definition photographic print of your original work on durable, archival, fade-resistant, acid-free, high-quality canvas.

High-definition giclee printing is a digital process that allows for the finest of detail. It has been around for over 100 years, and it continues to improve — enabling print quality that rivals museum quality. Royal Canvas uses a high-definition giclee printing process on our canvas prints to give you a product that rivals the original.

The Giclee method of canvas printing is becoming the industry standard for professional artists and businesses. If you're looking for a way to have your photos or artwork stand out from the crowd, then you might be interested in this article.

1. Giclee is a higher resolution method of printing

Giclee is a French term that means "spray of ink" or "curl of smoke." Giclee prints are higher quality than typical prints because the ink is sprayed onto the canvas in a very fine mist, which allows for a more detailed print.

2. Giclee uses archival inks that last longer

A giclée print is a digital print made by an inkjet printer that uses archival inks, which last longer than the inks used in standard digital printing. These inks are formulated with art pigment to give the inks a deep, rich color and the luster of old master paintings.

Interestingly, Salvador Dali was known to use giclée printing for his prints, which he passed down to his son Rogé.

The main benefit of using the giclée process is that it is an exact reproduction of the traditional oil painting process. There is a veritable painting in your hands compared to digital printing, and the colors are more vibrant than those achieved with other popular media.

3. Giclee canvas prints are more stable and easier to clean

Giclee is used to describe an inkjet printing process that uses archival inks to create museum-quality reproductions of original artworks when it comes to art. There are several advantages to using Giclee inks; the most obvious is that they last much longer than other methods. Giclee inks can extend the life of your canvas.

Diffuse and fine-art paintings come to mind when using the term "giclee." Still, modern companies like Monotype and Canson make Giclee paints compatible with other media to create posters, fine art prints, limited edition prints, wall art, and more.

The Daguerreotype process was an early precursor to the Giclee process when it emerged due to works by Leonardo da Vinci and Greta Garbo. The printing press and movable type developed from Da Vinci's type would come next. Movable type made a tremendous impact on printmaking, an industry nearly paralyzed by type crippling type-related printing problems in the 20th century, limitations the development of the Giclee process would quickly overcome.

4. Giclee is a cost-effective way to print your artwork

Printing your own artwork is a great way to save money. The cost of buying professional canvas prints can be expensive, especially if you're paying for someone else's artwork.

At Royal Canvas, you can get a professional-quality canvas print using your images or art at a fraction of the cost. Our high-quality Giclee printing process uses archival inks and UV-resistant canvas to ensure they last a lifetime.

5. Giclee prints are excellent for large murals and posters

Giclee printing is an advanced printmaking process used to create high-quality fine art prints. This printing technique results in images with fantastic detail and contrast. You can print in virtually any aspect ratio, making it suitable for creating art prints in portrait and landscape modes.

Giclee canvas prints are perfect for large murals and posters, making them ideal for business promotion.

Although the Giclee printing technique was initially developed for artists, you can use it to create stunning printed art for your office or home décor by uploading your favorite images to our photo editor. Your quality canvas print is mounted on sturdy wooden frames and ready to be hung on your wall with just a couple of clicks!

At Royal Canvas, we print museum-quality art for your home or office.