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5 Wall Art Trends You Can Recreate With Custom Canvas Prints


There is no better way to quickly spruce up your space than to add art to a blank wall! The right piece of art can completely transform a bland room into a statement of your style and impeccable taste.

We checked out the latest design trends and came up with five of our favorite wall art décor ideas that you can use to liven up your rooms.

Make a Big Impact with Large Canvas Prints

One large piece of art strategically placed in a room can add drama and flair to your space. An oversized custom canvas print of your favorite image is a creative way to decorate and personalize almost any room.

If you are starting your decorating project with an empty room choosing an image as inspiration for your design can produce stunning results! Use the colors in your canvas print to inform your paint and textile choices, and you’ll be designing like a pro.

Most phone cameras take amazing pics that can be easily turned into large pieces of canvas art. So go ahead, use your favorite travel, pet, family, or nature pic as your wall art option.

Take Your Inspiration from Nature

A flock of brightly colored McCaws in flight against a clear blue sky can add a fun, tropical feel to any room, while a tiger moving through a deep green rainforest evokes an entirely different feeling—and color scheme.

Designers take their inspiration from nature, and so can you. Canvas prints of your favorite nature scenes are a great jumping-off point for your next room design.

Design a Canvas Print Gallery Wall Like A Pro

We’ve all seen stunning collections of images artfully placed on a wall as a focal point to a room. Pro designers create drama by filling blank spaces with various prints artfully framed and placed to draw the eye.

If you think that it takes years of design school to use this technique effectively, then think again.

Here are a few Pro Tips to get you started:

• Use a variety of frame sizes to add visual interest

• Use a variety of frame styles for an eclectic, timeless collection

• Using the same color or material for all of the frames creates drama without feeling cluttered.

• Use black and white or sepia photos to create visual symmetry from brightly colored images.

Turn Your Wall Into A Collage

Collages are on trend at the moment, and gallery wrapped canvas prints are a unique way of creating a wall collage of your favorite mages. Gallery wrapped means that the canvas is stretched over a wood frame and the image wraps around the sides of the frame. The underlying wooden structure adds a three-dimensional quality to your wall design. As a result, canvas prints look just as good framed as they do unframed.

At Royal Canvas you can choose from three gallery wrap options , or your canvas can be shipped unwrapped (flat). These options provide a ton of flexibility on how you use custom canvas prints in your room designs.

Cover An Entire Accent Wall

We’ve all seen painted and wallpapered accent walls—it’s soooo 2000’s. But what if you took one of your favorite images and blew it up to cover an entire wall? Talk about a WOW factor, especially at the end of a hallway or in a powder room! We print and ship standard and custom sizes to fit almost any decorating need.

We provide museum quality custom canvas prints and world-class customer service. Oh, and don’t forget our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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